Organic origin

Blat is an exceptional product both for its ingredients and the way it’s processed. The Base of the product is genetically unmodified wheat and horizontal rain water previously filtered through volcanic rock found in underground galleries in the Canary Islands, making this vodka the purest in the market. The mix is unique and definitive. Only the best alcohol with the purest water and nothing else is used.

The perfect product

Its creators have made the perfect vodka. Its exceptional taste 100% free of impurities is also beneficial in other ways as well. The product does not produce any hang overs and is also gluten free making it suitable for Celiacs.

The family experience of the Banus brothers has benefited them especially when they had to face their biggest challenge: To eliminate the impurities that are produced during the process of fermentation and to suppress those unwanted alcohols and fusel oils.

Because of its purity, Blat is the only vodka in the world that has won the approval of the Alcohol and Tobacco and Trade Bureau (TTB) of the American Government, the most demanding. To achieve this qualification, it has had to undergo the scrutiny of this Department by certified laboratories that ensure that Blat does not contain impurities, something unmatched by any of its competitors. All vodkas contain some degree of impurity but not Blat.

This seal allows Blat to boast on the label of being the only one in the world with 0.0% of impurities in all the bottles. Besides being its base of fermented wheat, through an innovative process we have managed to remove the gluten so it is suitable for Celiacs.

Blat alcohol also has the Kosher Certification, which guarantees that it has been prepared according to religious standards of the Jewish people.

Advanced vodka

Innovation defines the Banus brother’s. After years of research; they have managed to achieve a unique formula, which allows them to create the purest vodka in the world. For this reason it is an “advanced vodka “because during its manufacturing, a unique process takes place. To create this vodka takes time and lots of resources up to the final mixture. The secret process E+F is what makes it unique by eliminating any traces of impurities. Blat is the best premium vodka available in the market and offers what others can't 0.0% of impurities.

The bottle

Blat Vodka bottle is so clean, crystal clear and elegant as the own distillate.

Designed by the renowned Studio Peter Schmidt Group, with work exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York, it has received three international awards.The Good Design, IF Packaging award, Art Directors Clud für Deutschland (ADC)

Inspired in the traditional glass of vodka, it acquires that style at the base of the bottle and then it becomes more stylized at the top as it ends playing with the reliefs of the name.

Blat Vodka
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