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From the Canaries to the world, Blat vodka takes the premium quality of the best vodka to places such as, Chicago, London, Ibiza, Marbella, Barcelona or Madrid. Some of the scenarios in which Blat has a presence and where the best cocktail masters share their knowledge with expert consumers.
Blat vodka is part of the lifestyle of those who know how to enjoy life in a responsible way.

Moda cálida 2015

For the second consecutive year Blat Vodka has been the official co-patrocinator of the the most important swimwear fashion event of Europe . This year they have notably highlighted the presence of XTG and Lenita Desigual international brands.

One of the most important events of the Canary Islands takes place in the month of june .Year after year and for the first time Blat Vodka has decided to be the official sponsor of the Chill Out event .This being the most important swimwear fashion event in Europe.Standing out among the catwalks of Brazil and Miami of the International scene . For one more year we highlight that through our black carpet have passed people such as Ariadne and Aida Artiles (Top Models), models JuanBetancourt and Oliver Baggerman, designers of the likes of Modesto Lomba (president of fashion designers of Spain)


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