The purest Vodka in the world is produced in a distillery located on the island of Gran Canaria, in the small town of Ingenio, where throughout the year the exceptional climate of the Canary Islands caresses their farms with Sun and soft Atlantic winds. It is the best kept secret of the Atlantic.

Advanced Vodka

The owners and creators the brothers Esteban and Fernando Banus, are the third generation of a Catalan family from Tarragona, experts in the world of spirits.

The family tradition started with their grandfather when in 1887 after having experienced the world of perfumes decides to focus his activity on spirits. Over the following decades, the family business grew to be one of the great distilleries in Spain distilling and bottling for famous brands such as Bols liqueurs, Gin Silver Top, Bolskaya, Tia Maria, Pernod, Pernod absinthe, Punt e Mes aperitif, Cynar, Berger pastis, as well as marketing other international brands such as Ballentine's scotch whisky, Bacardi rum, Southern Confort.

With the entry of Spain in the European Economic Community in 1989 the main company was acquired by a multinational. It was then when Esteban and Fernando decided to acquire the distillery located in the South of Gran Canaria to follow a dream: making purest vodka in the world.

The Patriarch always encouraged the brothers to investigate different processes to remove impurities from the fermentation, this being something that nobody had done before. It was logical that they centred their work on distilling vodka, as it was their favourite drink. They wanted to achieve the perfect formula with 0 % of impurities.

The Banus brothers are personally responsible for the handcrafted elaboration of Blat vodka that has in its purity that, that makes it unique. Once they realized that they had found a premium product of exceptional and unrivalled quality decided to launch Blat their brand of vodka in the year 2007.

Since that time, they had a clear idea that they must export this product to the United States. Considered the world's leading consumer of premium vodka, it was the perfect market for its commercialization.

After their introduction in United States the brand has expanded to England, Switzerland and Germany. As well as places like Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Ibiza and the Canary islands already enjoy this exceptional drink.

Blat Vodka
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